Graph 2: This graphic illustrates the extent to which the operating costs are covered at the Lillooet Landfill & Recycling Centre by tipping fees, which are fees paid by users to dispose of material at the facility. The remaining costs are funded by taxes and other cost recovery sources, such as the sale of compost and pine chips. As the operating costs of the Lillooet Landfill & Recycling Centre increases, the percentage of the costs recovered by tipping fees decreases, prompting a review of the tipping fee bylaw. In comparison, Landfill 1 manages to recover 82% of its operating cost through tipping fees, whereas the Lillooet Landfill & Recycling Centre covers 68% through tipping fees. Remarkably, Landfill 2 is entirely self-sustaining, recuperating all its operating costs solely through tipping fees. All facilities used for comparison are located in British Columbia and remain consistent in all the graphics.